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PRESS RELEASE : Nevada Republicans Reaction to Joe Biden’s Disastrous State of the Union February 7, LAS VEGAS, NV – “Tonight, Joe Biden once again stumbled his way through a speech, speaking poorly and sharing bad policies, as he demonstrated why he is unfit to lead. This past November, voters resoundingly rejected the Biden […]


PRESS RELEASE : Chairman McDonald's Statement on RINOs for Ford

October 22, 2022 Contact: PRESS RELEASE : Chairman McDonald’s Statement on RINOs for Ford LAS VEGAS, NV – “As you may have heard, we’ve got an election coming up in 17 short days. This has been one of the nastiest election cycles we’ve seen yet, with voters being bombarded by ads designed to distract from […]


Download Your Official Republican Ballot Guide!

  The 2022 Official Republican Ballot Guide has been released! Download yours today: Need help Finding your Polling place? Join us at an event – happening daily!


PRESS RELEASE : Nevada Republicans Support Sigal Chattah and Decry Failed Grifte...

LAS VEGAS, NV – “Nevada Republicans are not represented in any way, shape, or form by the group of grifters led by Roberson, Tarkanian, and Guinasso, whose political history makes their names synonymous with failure, and makes these cries for relevance all the more pathetic. The Nevada Republican Party fully supports Sigal Chattah, a first generation immigrant […]

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