PRESS RELEASE: Nevada Republicans Will Conduct First in The West Caucus on February 8, 2024, With Voter ID, Paper Ballots, And Results Released the Same Night

WINNEMUCCA, NV – Today, the Nevada Republican Central Committee affirmed its commitment to transparent elections with common-sense safeguards such as Voter ID, paper ballots, and precinct based balloting. After spirited debate, Nevada Republicans passed rules changes upholding the traditional First in the West Caucus being held on February 8, 2024, as the only method to earn delegates in Nevada.

In protest of the Nevada Democrats overreaching legislation which inserted the state into the inner workings of political parties and the selection of their Presidential candidate, the Nevada Republican Central Committee declared that any candidate participating in the state run presidential primary would be ineligible to receive any of Nevada’s delegates. In doing so, the Nevada Republican Central Committee sent a clear message to all Presidential candidates not to register for the state run presidential preference primary, as doing so would be contrary to Republicans long standing position against government waste and fiscal irresponsibility. This protest is designed to ensure no Republican candidates for President register for the state run election, negating the need for the same and saving the State of Nevada millions of taxpayer dollars.  

Simply put, candidates who participate in an illegitimate process cannot expect to earn legitimate delegates to the Republican National Convention. We look forward to welcoming all Republican candidates to the First in the West Caucus where delegates will be awarded, and hope that Governor Joe Lombardo utilizes the millions of dollars in savings to the State of Nevada towards Opportunity Scholarships and fixing Nevada’s broken educational system.