Urge Legislatures to Vote NO on AB286 & AB321

As many of you know the 81st Session has been one of the most partisan Legislative Sessions in Nevada’s history. Democrats have shown disregard for everyday Nevadans. AB 286 and AB 321, both of which had strong opposition, were rushed through committee passage on party-line votes. This shows once again that Democrats do not care about what the voters have to say, but instead, appease the likes of AOC, Bernie Sanders, and special interests.
As it currently stands, AB 286 and AB 321 will most likely be voted on the Assembly Floor on Monday or Tuesday of next week. We need every patriot to call your local elected officials and Speaker Jason Frierson to tell them to vote no on these detrimental bills.
Explanation of AB 286 – This bill directly attacks our 2nd amendment rights by severely restricting locations where firearms may be carried. Even well trained and heavily regulated CCW holders would be unable to carry in most public locations unless they obtain prior written permission, essentially eliminating their right to carry outside their home. It also allows for government tracking of firearms (phase one of future gun confiscation), creates a policy of three strikes and you lose your right to bear arms, and prohibits citizens from manufacturing a gun without a serial number for their personal use. Read more here.
Explanation of AB 321 – Would make the provisions of AB 4 that was passed in the middle of the night 90 days before the last election permanent. This bad bill includes legal ballot harvesting and universal mail-in voting, with virtually no safeguards to ensure that returned ballots are legitimate. This bill has six fiscal notes attached to it and would cost Nevada Taxpayers millions of dollars. Read more here.
Contact Speaker Frierson and tell him to not bring up either AB 286 or AB 321 for a vote on the Assembly Floor!
Frierson, Jason Speaker (AD-8)
(775) 684-8537
It takes two minutes to submit your opinion online here.
Thanks for all you do,
Alex Watson
Legislative Affairs Director, Nevada Republican Party
You can follow the chambers floor sessions via the Youtube links below:
To view a daily schedule of events and watch meetings live, visit https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Calendar/A/