Urgent Action Request from the NVLeg- Oppose AB 286! An Attack against our 2A

Immediate attention required for the following bill attacking our 2A rights!
Assembly Judiciary Committee – Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 8:00 AM PST
AB 286 – This bill prohibits a person from manufacturing, or causing to be manufactured, or assembling or causing to be assembled, a firearm that is not imprinted with a serial number issued by a firearms importer or manufacturer in accordance with federal law. This bill essentially negates the Right to Carry a Concealed Weapon (permit) and to open carry a weapon in almost every public place. Right now, you are not permitted to carry in a school, child care facility, on the System of Higher Education, or in a public building that has a metal detector (NRS202.3673).
        This bill defines “Covered Premises” where you can no longer carry concealed without specific written permission including: a club venue, golf course, a casino, a theater, a church, hotel/motel etc., shopping mall, stadium, arena, concert hall, showroom, anywhere with live entertainment, a sporting event (rodeo, ball game, fireworks event, state or county fair, horse or car racing, etc.) In other words, this bill makes it illegal to carry almost everywhere.
This BAD BILL would:
  • Allow for government tracking of firearms (phase one of future gun confiscation).
  • Would create a policy of three strikes and you lose your right to bear arms!
  • Prohibits people from manufacturing a gun without a serial number.
  • Would make it illegal to carry a firearm in a public accommodation facility.
Link to View the Meeting:
Link to Participate (you must pre-register to make public comment): https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/81st2021/MeetingParticipation/9031
Below is a sample script of what we need to tell legislators. Please make your public testimony personal, do not read the full statement as to not repeat others who were sent this same script:
  • AB 286 is an attack on our 2nd amendment rights. This bill would create a policy of 3 strikes and you lose your right to bear arms. We all know how bad 3 strike policies were in states like California, do not make the same mistake in Nevada!
  • AB 286 is an attack on our 2nd amendment rights. People need to protect themselves from harm and this bill if passed it would put people’s lives at risk.
  • AB 286 is an attack on our 2nd amendment rights. This bill requires that firearms without an imprinted serial number can no longer be sold, manufactured, transferred, purchasing, or receiving. This bill is a step in the direction of a national gun registry and creating a target-rich environment for gun confiscation.
  • Guns are an essential protection for women, especially women who are victims of domestic abuse. Please stop targeting our most vulnerable populations. Stand with women, and stand with the right to self defense. Vote no on AB286 and be a champion for women’s safety.
You can also call the following Assemblymen on the Judiciary Committee prior to the hearing:
Yeager, Steve (AD-9)
(775) 684-8549
Nguyen, Rochelle T. (AD-10)
(775) 684-8555
Bilbray-Axelrod, Shannon(AD-34)
(775) 684-8847
Cohen, Lesley E. (AD-29)
(775) 684-8855
Gonzalez, Cecelia (AD-16)
(702) 518-1557
Marzola, Elaine (AD-21)
(702) 612-8477
Miller, Cameron (C.H.) (AD-7)
(702) 882-8594
Orentlicher, David (AD-20)
(702) 773-7302
Summers-Armstrong, Shondra (AD-6)
(702) 245-7664
Hansen, Alexis (AD-32)
(775) 684-8851
Hardy, Melissa (AD-22)
(775) 684-8823
Kasama, Heidi (AD-2)
(775) 684-8827
Krasner, Lisa (AD-26)
(775) 684-8848
O’Neill, Phillip P.K. (AD-40)
(775) 684-8825
Wheeler, Jim (AD-39)
(775) 684-8843