Do Nothing Democrats Have Done Nothing But Obstruct And Throw Trantrums

From  Rather Than Working On Critical Legislation, Democrats Have Wasted The Past Years On Baseless Investigations And Obstructionist Histrionics The Facts: FOR TWO YEARS, DEMOCRATS HAVE WASTED TIME AND MONEY ON INVESTIGATING THE PRESIDENT OVER FALSE ALLEGATIONS OF COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA For two years, Democrats pushed for a baseless witch hunt into the President […]

Trouble In Impeachment Paradise

Viewership Is Down, Tensions Are Out In The Open, And The Democrats’ Case For Impeachment Is Crumbling Before Our Eyes From the RNC – The Facts: AFTER HOURS OF PRESENTING THEIR CASE, ITS CLEAR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WEREN’T INTERESTED IN WHAT THE DEMOCRATS WERE SELLING ON IMPEACHMENT On Wednesday, 8.9 million T.V. viewers watched the […]

Senior Democrats Have Done 180 On Impeachment Rules Since Clinton

  Senior Senate Democrats’ positions on impeachment are coming back to haunt them. Back in 1999, the last time the body debated impeachment, Sens. Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Patrick Leahy and Dick Durbin all pushed to have witnesses eliminated from trial of disgraced president, Bill Clinton. Fast forward to today, the same Democrats who opposed […]

The Results Are In, Schiff Flopped

This Week, The Only Quid Pro Quo Was Democrats Trading Electoral Support For A Sham Schiff Show That Flopped Immensely With Voters Across The U.S. The Facts: THE SHAM IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS HAVE ENORMOUSLY BACKFIRED WITH SUPPORT DROPPING LIKE A STONE AMONG INDEPENDENTS AND SUBURBAN VOTERS A new Marquette poll shows support for impeachment has dropped […]

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