Shocker. The Lord of Layoffs doesn’t care about helping those that are laid off

LAS VEGAS – When Governor Sisolak announced the formation of the COVID-19 Response, Relief and Recovery Task Force and put Jim Murren in charge of it, he said the purpose of the task force would be “mobilizing the private sector to assist in ongoing efforts undertaken by State agencies and the Nevada Health Response Center.”

Sisolak also said Murren’s group would focus on a “plethora of issues” Nevada faces because of the pandemic, including layoffs.

But shocker, the Lord of Layoffs now says that isn’t true.

Thousands of unemployed Nevadans due to COVID-19 are unable to file unemployment claims due to technological issues, leaving many without income since mid-March.

But when asked if his task force would work to help break up the bottleneck, a spokesperson said no.

In fact, despite Sisolak laying out a grandiose agenda for Murren’s task force, the Lord of Layoffs is now saying he is only focused on obtaining medical equipment.

The Lord of Layoffs has no interest in working on other issues facing Nevadans, and surprising no one after he took a $32 million payoff leave his role as MGM CEO only to lay off his front line workers weeks later with just two weeks of pay, that includes those that are laid off.

Murren is not only sticking it to his former employees once again, he’s sticking it to everyone that have been laid off as we work to defeat COVID-19.

It has been asked why Nevada workers should trust the Lord of Layoffs, and now it’s been answered.

They shouldn’t have.

It’s time for Governor Sisolak to come clean and tell those struggling why he chose Jim Murren to lead Nevada’s economic response and recovery.

Does the governor feel remorse for choosing Murren after the Lord of Layoffs bluntly refused to help unemployed Nevadans?