A Lesson for the Lord of Layoffs

SHOT: Jim Murren took a golden parachute to lead Nevada’s economic response and recovery after accepting $32 million to leave his role as MGM’s CEO only to lay off his front line workers weeks later with just two weeks of pay.


he Lord of Layoffs Jim Murren could learn a lesson or two from fellow Nevada executives such as Sheldon Adelson, who wrote in an op-ed published last night he will be paying his workers as long as the doors to his resorts are closed.

Why did Governor Sisolak put the former MGM CEO who laid off his front line workers after accepting a $32 million pay off to leave the company in charge of Nevada’s economic response and recovery?

Why should Nevada workers trust Murren will have their backs after accepting Sisolak’s golden parachute and failing to take care of his own employees?