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Congressional District 1 Republican Candidate:
Joyce Bentley

Congressional District 2 Republican Candidate:
Mark Amodei

Congressional District 3 Republican Candidate:
Dan “Big Dan” Rodimer

Congressional District 4 Republican Candidate:
Jim Marchant

Assembly District 2 Republican Candidate:

Heidi Kasama

Assembly District 4 Republican Candidate:

Richard McArthur

Assembly District 5 Republican Candidate:

Mack Miller

Assembly District 6  Republican Candidate:

Katie Duncan

Assembly District 7  Republican Candidate:

Anthony “Tony” Palmer

Assembly District 8 Republican Candidate:

Edward “Eddie” Facey

Assembly District 9 Republican Candidate:

Barbara Altman

Assembly District 10 Republican Candidate:

Chris Hisgen

Assembly District 11 Republican Candidate:

Eric Krattiger

Assembly District 12 Republican Candidate:

Jeremy A Graves

Assembly District 13  Republican Candidate:

Tom Roberts 

Assembly District 15  Republican Candidate:

Stan Vaughn

Assembly District 16  Republican Candidate:

Reyna “Alex” Sajdak

Assembly District 17  Republican Candidate:

Sylvia Liberty Creviston
Jack Polcyn

Assembly District 18  Republican Candidate:

Heather Ann Florian

Assembly District 19 Republican Candidate:

Annie Black

Assembly District 21 Republican Candidate:

Cherlyn Arrington

Assembly District 22 Republican Candidate:

Melissa Hardy

Assembly District 23 Republican Candidate:

Glenn Leavitt

Assembly District 26 Republican Candidate:

Lisa Krasner

Assembly District 29 Republican Candidate:

Steven E. Delisle

Assembly District 31 Republican Candidate:

Jill Dickman

Assembly District 32 Republican Candidate:

Alexis Hansen

Assembly District 33 Republican Candidate:

John Ellison

Assembly District 34 Republican Candidates:

Jay Thomas Carlson

Assembly District 35 Republican Candidates:

Jay Calhoun

Assembly District 36 Republican Candidates:

Gregory T. Hafen II 

Assembly District 37 Republican Candidates:

Andy Matthews

Assembly District 38 Republican Candidates:

Robin L. Titus

Assembly District 39 Republican Candidates:

Jim Wheeler

Assembly District 40 Republican Candidates:

Philip “PK” O’Neil

Assembly District 41 Republican Candidates:

Erika Smith

Senate District 4 Republican Candidates:

Esper M. Hickman

Senate District 5 Republican Candidates:

Carrie Ann Buck

Senate District 6 Republican Candidates:

April Becker

Senate District 11 Republican Candidates:

Joshua Dowden

Senate District 15 Republican Candidates:

Heidi Seevers Gansert

Senate District 18 Republican Candidates:

Scott T. Hammond

Senate District 19 Republican Candidates:

Pete Goicoechea