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RNC & NVGOP Sue Clark County for Hiding Evidence of Shady Backroom Election Deal

The Republican National Committee, in partnership with the Nevada Republican Party, filed a lawsuit against Clark County for hiding public records pertaining to the shady backroom deal the Democrat-dominated county commission struck with the Democratic National Committee and other liberal groups to make…

Statement on Cortez Masto Removing Herself from Consideration to be Vice President Candidate

If you saw Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s announcement that she has removed herself from consideration to be a candidate for Vice President, please consider the following: “Catherine Cortez Masto has decided to avoid the embarrassment of tying herself to Joe Biden who has…

Nevada GOP Calls for an Investigation into Alleged Illegal Contributions to Gov. Sisolak’s Campaign

LAS VEGAS – Politico dropped a bombshell this morning, alleging a California marijuana executive may have made an illegal “straw man” donation to Governor Steve Sisolak’s 2018 campaign. Adam Biermann, former CEO of MedMen, a legal marijuana company in California, is alleged to…

ICYMI: RNC Chair McDaniel: Democrats and voter fraud in Nevada — here’s how it will impact you

In an op-ed published today, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel highlights how Nevada is a case study for the lengths Democrats will go to secure a voting edge with their attempt to remove election safeguards in the Silver State’s courts. From launching to…

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