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Nevada Democrats Wasting Money, Putting Lives at Risk

A week into the special session in Carson City and what do Nevada Democrats have to show for it? Nothing. In fact, the Democrat’s marquee accomplishment thus far is nothing more than a resolution asking President Trump and Congress to do what they are incapable…

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald Statement on Special Legislative Session

LAS VEGAS – As you are covering Nevada’s special legislative session, please consider the following from Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald: “As Nevada’s legislators begin to deal with the $1.2 Billion budget shortfall today, it is important for them to remember…

They Are Who We Thought They Were

In case you missed it… The Las Vegas Review-Journal published a story last night on the chaos ensuing in Nevada’s state Democrat Party and its largest county’s party, detailing recent resignations of senior leadership due to infighting. With progressive supporters of socialist Bernie Sanders…

SHOT/CHASER: Susie Lee has used COVID-19 to enrich herself

SHOT: CHASER: Not only has Susie Lee’s family used the Paycheck Protection Program to benefit themselves, a report on Friday showed Lee’s trust made favorable stock trades just before the market crashed. While Nevadans have suffered during this unprecedented pandemic, Susie Lee has…

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Nevada Republican Party


Promises Made, Promises Kept On USMCA
Today, The Heralded USMCA Trade Agreement Comes Into Force And…


Nevada Republican Party

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