Nevada Republican Party Statement on Gov. Sisolak’s State of the State

For Immediate Release

Nevada Republican Party Statement on Gov. Sisolak’s State of the State

LAS VEGAS – If you are covering Governor Sisolak’s upcoming State of the State, please consider the following from the Nevada Republican Party:

“As Nevadans gear up for another technically challenged speech by Governor Sisolak, they have a simple question to ask themselves:

Are you better or worse off than you were in 2018?

For most Nevadans, the answer is worse. They have survived Governor Sisolak’s term in office, where regular Nevadans are put to the back of the line, and only the politically connected donor class has prospered.

Governor Sisolak wants you to forget about that. When you fill up at the gas pump and gas is over $4 per gallon, and every grocery trip costs more, he would like Nevadans to forget. He hopes you forget the small businesses he forced to close through his direct actions. He hopes you forget that all of this was avoidable.

We will not forget.

Governor Sisolak refused to follow the science, and kept our schools closed for a year and a half. At the same time, Governor Sisolak gave state employees who were paid to stay home a raise, while regular Nevadans couldn’t get their earned unemployment through Sisolak’s dysfunctional DETR. After 4 years of Democrat rule, Governor Sisolak’s only accomplishments are record unemployment, conventions fleeing our state, and putting our children’s education last.

Governor Sisolak is hoping Nevadans forget how he stacked the deck against them. We know Nevadans will remember in November and hold Governor Sisolak accountable.”