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Legislative Update- Nevada Republicans Score Huge Victory!

Early Friday morning, after 2am, Republicans in the Nevada Senate held tight, all of them, together, to refuse to give the Democrats the 2/3 vote needed to make devastating changes to Nevada taxes for the mining industry. Assembly Bill 4 (AB4) passed the…

SHOT/CHASER: Susie Lee has used COVID-19 to enrich herself

SHOT: CHASER: Not only has Susie Lee’s family used the Paycheck Protection Program to benefit themselves, a report on Friday showed Lee’s trust made favorable stock trades just before the market crashed. While Nevadans have suffered during this unprecedented pandemic, Susie Lee has…

June’s Primary Election: Fiction vs. Fact

Democrats and their media allies are doing everything they can to confuse voters about Nevada’s primary election in June. It is especially appalling that one well-known Silver State media personality has thrown all of the journalistic integrity he had left out the window…

ICYMI: RNC Chair McDaniel: Democrats and voter fraud in Nevada — here’s how it will impact you

In an op-ed published today, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel highlights how Nevada is a case study for the lengths Democrats will go to secure a voting edge with their attempt to remove election safeguards in the Silver State’s courts. From launching to…

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Nevada Republican Party


Promises Made, Promises Kept On USMCA
Today, The Heralded USMCA Trade Agreement Comes Into Force And…


Nevada Republican Party

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