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Governor Sisolak’s State of the State Address

"Once again we see Governor Sisolak placing the blame of our state’s failure on the Federal Government and the Coronavirus without taking any responsibility for his own leadership failures. From vaccine distribution to unemployment, the failures of our state lie squarely at the…

Out of State Voters

Is there a large financial incentive to claim Nevada residency? Just ask a Californian about how much they paid to Governor Newsom in 2020. In Nevada, we found 19,218 non-military, non-student voters who have an out-of-state mailing address but claim Nevada residency. We…

Poll Workers & Observers Experiences with the 2020 Election

When Nevada’s tried and true election processes were completely upended by a partisan hack legislature within 90 days of the General Election, it was Nevada Republicans who stepped up to legally observe the process.  Over one thousand volunteers spent tens of thousands of…

Illegal Voters

One of the changes Democrats passed in their radical, rushed 2019 session was the mandate for the DMV to automatically register all voters who apply for drivers licenses. What you may not know, is that in Nevada, legal and illegal non-citizens can hold…

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