With Bogus Resolution, Democrats Greenlight Sham Show Trial

From RNC Research

The Facts


This Halloween, the House of Representatives will vote on a flawed Democrat resolution seeking to formalize the Democrats’ current witch hunt.

The resolution is deeply flawed and authorizes the notoriously partisan Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to act as a lead in the proceedings .

  • Despite supposedly acting as impartial investigators, 10 out of 13 Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee supported impeachment well before the vote on holding an inquiry.

The resolution gives Democrats full control of witnesses and subpoenas and gives Chairman Adam Schiff the unilateral ability to authorize or decline witnesses subpoenaed by the Minority Ranking Member .

The resolution allows Chairman Schiff the ability to provide almost any materials he wants to the Committee on the Judiciary following his inquiry regardless of how obliquely related the materials are to the hearings at hand.

The resolution restricts the ability of the White House to defend itself or present its case to the House Intelligence Committee.

By reducing the inquiry to the House Intelligence Committee first and then next the House Judiciary Committee , Democrats have reduced the number of Members of Congress able to participate in the inquiry from 110 to just 22.


This Thursday, The House Will Vote For The First Time On A Resolution Formalizing Their Ongoing Witch Hunt Into President Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Announced The House Would Vote To Formalize The Impeachment Inquiry Into President Trump On Thursday, October 31 st. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Monday the House would vote on Thursday to formalize the procedures of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and Ukraine, in what will be the first time the House will go on the record on the proceedings.” ( CNN , 10/30/19)

The Resolution Vote Will Represent The First Time That The Full Chamber Will Take Vote Related To Impeaching The President. “The full House is expected to vote on the resolution on Thursday. The resolution provides the procedural details for how the House will move its impeachment inquiry into its next phase, and it also represents the first time that the full chamber will take a vote related to impeaching the President.” ( CNN , 10/29/19)

  • This Is Despite, Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi Announcing Initiating An Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump On September 24, 2019. ” Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that the House would initiate a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump, charging him with betraying his oath of office and the nation’s security by seeking to enlist a foreign power to tarnish a rival for his own political gain.” ( The New York Times , 09/24/19)

In A Break From Precedent, The Democrats Flawed Resolution Will Designate The Overwhelmingly Partisan Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence Will Be Authorized To Act As A Lead In The Impeachment Proceedings

Under The House Resolution, The Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence Is Authorized To Conduct Proceedings Pursuant To The Resolution. “For the purpose of continuing the investigation described in the first section of this resolution, the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (referred to in this resolution as the “Permanent Select Committee”) is authorized to conduct proceedings pursuant to this resolution as follows.” ( CNN , 10/30/19)

  • During Previous Impeachment Inquiries, The Judiciary Committee Traditionally Conducted An Investigation To See If A Federal Officials Conduct Warranted Impeachment. “During previous impeachment inquiries, a House committee, usually the Judiciary Committee or its subcommittee, conducts an investigation to see if a federal official’s conduct warrants impeachment.” ( CNN , 09/25/19)

Rep. Adam Schiff Is The Chairman Of The House Intelligence Committee. ( HPSCI , Accessed 10/30/19)

  • Schiff Is A Notorious Partisan Who Has Pledged To Investigate President Trump From The Beginning Of His Presidency With The New Yorker Writing In March 2017: “The Unlikely Liberal Hero Adam Schiff Is Ready To Investigate Trump” ( The New Yorker , 03/14/17)

The House Intelligence Committee Has Seemingly Already Made Up Its Mind On Impeachment as 10 Of The 13 Democrats On The House Intelligence Committee Backed An Impeachment Probe Well Before The Current Investigation. “But 10 of the 13 Democrats on the committee discussed an impeachment inquiry, actual impeachment, and the removal of, or resignation by, Trump well before news broke of the controversial phone call.” ( The Daily Signal , 10/25/19)

In The Resolution, The Ability Of Republicans To Subpoenas Witnesses And Evidence Is Strictly Controlled By Chairman Adam Schiff And The Democrat Minority

The Subpoenas Issued By The Ranking Minority Member Are Authorized Only With The Concurrence Of The Democrat Chairman. “The ranking minority member of the Permanent Select Committee is authorized, with the concurrence of the chair, to require, as deemed necessary to the investigation- (i) by subpoena or otherwise-“( CNN , 10/30/19)

If The Chairman Declines To Allow A Minority Witness, The Full Committee Then Decides By A Vote Where Democrats Outnumber Republicans By Four Members. “According to the eight-page resolution, House Republicans can request witnesses, but if Schiff declines, the full House Intelligence Committee must decide. Democrats outnumber Republicans on the committee 13 to nine.” ( The Washington Examiner , 10/29/19)

  • Additionally, The Subpoenas Issued By The Minority Require Extensive Written Justification And Will Be Evaluated By The Majority Prior To The Subpoena Being Issued. “To allow for full evaluation of minority witness requests, the ranking minority member may submit to the chair, in writing, any requests for witness testimony relevant to the investigation described in the first section of this resolution within 72 hours after notice is given for the first hearing designated pursuant to paragraph (1). Any such request shall be accompanied by a detailed written justification of the relevance of the testimony of each requested witness to the investigation described in the first section of this resolution.” ( CNN , 10/30/19)

Chairman Schiff Will Have The Ability To Provide Almost Any Materials He Wants To The Committee On The Judiciary Regardless Of How Tangential They Are To The Inquiry At Hand

The Chairman Of The Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence Is Authorized To Transfer Any Records “Or Other Materials” Relating To The Inquiry To The Committee On The Judiciary. “The chair of the Permanent Select Committee or the chair of any other committee having custody of records or other materials relating to the inquiry referenced in the first section of this resolution is authorized, in consultation with the ranking minority member, to transfer such records or materials to the Committee on the Judiciary.” ( CNN , 10/30/19)

As Charles Pierce Of Esquire Writes “It Means That Adam Schiff Is Going To Get To Decide What The ‘Other Materials’ Are And How They Are ‘Related To The Inquiry.'” “It means that Adam Schiff is going to get to decide what the ‘other materials’ are and how they are ‘related to the inquiry.'” ( Esquire , 10/29/19)

The Resolution Restricts The Ability For The White House To Participate In The Inquiry In Stark Contrast To The Representation Received By Then President Clinton During His Impeachment Inquiry

The Resolution Authorizes The Permanent Select Committee To Issue A Report To The Committee On The Judiciary Of Its Findings. “The Permanent Select Committee is directed to issue a report setting forth its findings and any recommendations and appending any information and materials the Permanent Select Committee may deem appropriate with respect to the investigation described in the first section of this resolution. The chair shall transmit such report and appendices, along with any supplemental, minority, additional, or dissenting views filed pursuant to clause 2(l) of rule to the Committee on the Judiciary and make such report publicly available in electronic form, with appropriate redactions to protect classified and other sensitive information.” ( CNN , 10/30/19)

However, The White House Is Barred From Participating In The Inquiry Until After The House Intelligence Committee Generates Its Reports For The Judiciary Committee. “‘The White House is barred from participating at all, until after Chairman Schiff conducts two rounds of one-sided hearings to generate a biased report for the Judiciary Committee. Even then, the White House’s rights remain undefined, unclear, and uncertain – because those rules still haven’t been written,’ Grisham said.” ( The Hill, 10/29/19)

  • During The Impeachment Inquiry Into Bill Clinton, Lawyers For The President Were Granted Over 30 Hours Over Two Days To Defend The President Before The Committee. “December 6, 1998: President Clinton’s attorneys are granted 30 hours over two days to make his defense case before the Judiciary Committee.” ( Clinton Impeachment Chronology , Accessed 10/30/19)

The Resolution Restricts The Ability For Republican Members To Participate Furthering Diminishing Bipartisan Participation In The Impeachment Inquiry

In Nancy Pelosi’s Original Impeachment Announcement, “Each Of The Six Committees…Will Continue With Their Investigations Of The President.” “But in Pelosi’s version, each of the six committees — Judiciary, Intelligence, Ways and Means, Financial Services, Oversight and Foreign Affairs — will continue with their investigations, looking at different elements of Trump’s presidency, his past and his businesses.” ( CNN , 09/25/19)

In This New Resolution, The Impeachment Inquiry Will Be Conducted By The House Intelligence Committee. “The text of the resolution lays out how the House Intelligence Committee will conduct public hearings and how the House Judiciary Committee “shall report to the House of Representatives such resolutions, articles of impeachment, or other recommendations as it deems proper.” ( CNN , 10/29/19)

Before The Resolution, 110 Members Will Allowed To Participate In The Investigation; After The Resolution, Just 22 Members Will Be Allowed To Participate In The Investigation. “Before Pelosi’s partisan resolution= 110 Members allowed to participate in investigation After Pelosi’s partisan resolution=22 Members allowed to participate in investigation Fewer members involved = fewer voices of the American people in this serious matter of impeachment.” ( Twitter Feed , 10/29/19)