Where is Nicole Cannizzaro?

LAS VEGAS – Since the Clark County Teachers Union announced last week they intended to qualify initiatives that increases the sales tax by 50 percent and the gaming tax by 60 percent, Democrats in the Legislature have been eerily quiet.

But most glaringly, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro has been M.I.A.

Cannizzaro, who barely squeaked out a victory in 2016 and is running for her political life in 2020, owes Nevadans and her constituents more than the silent treatment.

But it should be no surprise the cat seemingly has her tongue. The Majority Leader has consistently failed Nevada’s children over the last year.

She attempted to raid funds intended to keep schools safe during the legislative session and Clark County teachers nearly went on strike last summer.

With massive tax increases on Nevadans and the state’s largest industry looming, it’s time for Cannizzaro to step up and show some actual leadership. Voters won’t forget if she continues to take the cowardly way out.