Urgent Action Required: Redistricting Special Session

This is an update on the ongoing redistricting process here in the state of Nevada.

In case you weren’t aware, our state is currently in the process of coming up with new state lines, with our Democrat legislative majority in charge of redrawing these congressional, legislative, and board of regents boundaries.

And now the first set of proposed maps are here… What do you think?

Take a look at the Legislature’s proposed boundaries for Congress, State Senate, and State Assembly below:

●      Congressional: https://redistricting.leg.state.nv.us/legdistricting/comments/plan/663/8

●      State Senate: https://redistricting.leg.state.nv.us/legdistricting/comments/plan/668/8

●      State Assembly: https://redistricting.leg.state.nv.us/legdistricting/comments/plan/670/8

We need you to review the maps and flood the record with comments and complaints on how these proposed maps will impact your community! On the top right of each map (linked above), you can submit public comments. These comments will be entered on the record and taken into consideration not only in the special session but also in further litigation if required.

Be sure to pass along this message to any friends, family, and invested patriots as well to get their thoughts on the Democrat boundaries.

Governor Sisolak has called a special session on redistricting starting TODAY! Our legislators will meet in Carson City to determine the future of our political landscape in Nevada.

Sample language of public comment below:

“This map is an unfair representation of my community because of:

-doesn’t keep our neighborhood together

-draws arbitrary lines like _____________

– crosses the freeway for a small portion to bring in a neighborhood disconnected from the district

– splits my development in half

-doesn’t follow major transportation flows for our town/city

The state is made up of a majority of nonpartisan and unaffiliated voters—they do not have voices with this proposed district. This should have common sense lines that respect our existing neighborhoods, precincts, and communities.”

Our party is going to be keeping you in the loop throughout this redistricting process so you know exactly what NV Dems are plotting on this front.

In the meantime, we’re going to continue bolstering our campaign operations and traveling to all corners of the state on the road to Take Nevada Back. And as is always the case, the grassroots support of everyday Americans like you is going to be what drives these critical efforts.