Urgent Action Request from NVLeg- Good & Bad Bill being heard 3/16/21

Immediate attention required for the following bills-
Senate Judiciary – Tuesday – March 16th – 1 pm
SB 108 – requires anyone in the justice department to take training for implicit bias. This bill has 25 fiscal notes attached to it meaning it will cost the state a lot of money to execute this program.
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Assembly Leg Ops – Tuesday – March 16th – 4 PM
AB 98 – reduces the number of legislative matters one can submit per session. This is a great Republican sponsored bill that is actually getting a hearing! This bill is sponsored by Assembly people Titus, McArthur, Dickman, Kasama, Leavitt, Hafen, Hardy, Krasner, and Roberts.
There is no reason for 1,200 bills to be introduced every Legislative Session. There is not enough time during the 120-day session to consider all of these bills plus a budget. This bill reduces the number of bills that may be introduced by Legislative Leadership, Standing Committees, and individual Senators and Assemblymen among others. This bill also changes some of the deadlines for submission, which will means more bills will need to be submitted in advance giving Nevadans more notice.
Link to view the bill:
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