Urgent Action Alert- Oppose AB 321 Making All Mail Elections Permanent

We sent the notice below a few weeks ago to alert you that Speaker Frierson would have a bill that made universal mail voting the new normal. The bill has been released. You can read the language here.
While we await committee hearings, we need everyone to continue calling the legislators below and letting them know this is a BAD BILL!
You can also submit a written comment in opposition here.
Democrats tried to incorporate beneficial reforms as a ploy to get bi-partisan support. We all know this is a guise. Democrats want universal mail voting and ballot harvesting in the Silver State!
Here’s a recap of what we found in the bill language:
  • Mail in ballots to all without changes to clean up voter rolls.
  • Allows mail ballots to be received up to 4 days after the election.
  • If a signature does not match, poll workers are not allowed to ask voters their birthday to verify identity—why not? Do they not know their own birthdate?
  • Allows county registrars and clerks to hide their address from the public.
  •  Also, allows public defenders and district attorneys to do so—Speaker Frierson is in this category! How does the general public know if their representative truly lives in their district?
  • Allows anyone marked as confidential to have a fictitious address on their driver’s license—another hit to transparency!
  • Eliminates election contests—no way to review actual ballots without both parties agreeing (page 89)—unlikely the winner would agree.
  • Creates multiple different counting boards where all members are appointed by the clerk/registrar.
  • Can only observe if you don’t disrupt the process—if you see illegal activity and disrupt it, that would remove the observer.
  •  Allows election workers to be deputized as sheriffs to enforce order at polling places (and remove observers—voter intimidation and suppression?)
Speaker Frierson plans to introduce a bill soon that would make the provisions of AB4 permanent. AB4 was the legislation passed in the middle of the night just 90 days before the 2020 election allowing the Governor to exploit the pandemic and enable fraud by eliminating election safeguards, and now Democrats want to make this terrible bill permanent. Here’s what Frierson has to say about his legislation:
“In 2020, Nevada showed the country we are still a critical battleground state and Democrats showed we are willing to fight for every voter to be heard. We made historic gains in the fight against voter suppression during our 2019 session and during our Special Session last August. Now, we prepare to do it all over again. That is why, as we are just days into a new legislative session, I am sponsoring a bill to make expanded vote by mail permanent. We will continue to make “good trouble” here in Nevada by ensuring all eligible Nevadans have many safe, convenient and secure options to cast their ballot.” You can read more in an article he penned here.
We must not have ALL MAIL VOTING in Nevada!
Don’t be fooled. This is not a bill to ensure voting is more accessible for Nevadans! This bill would ensure that voting irregularities, ballot harvesting, and all the issues we saw in the 2020 elections would continue in favor of Democrat candidates. All mail voting is a waste of state funds and cannot be properly conducted in a state like Nevada until there is meaningful election reform and voter roll maintenance.
Mailing ballots to all registered voters, including tens of thousands with known bad addresses, was deliberately done in 2020. There was no meaningful or significant checking of the ballots which created a penalty free environment for fraud, just as the Democrats intended when they passed AB4 to begin with. Don’t let Speaker Frierson get away with enabling even more voter fraud with his “good trouble”.
We need you to call and email the legislators below every day and demand that we not have all mail voting in Nevada!
Speaker Jason Frierson:
Office- (775) 684-8637 Cell- (702) 280-2981
Majority Floor Leader Teresa Benitez- Thompson:
Office- (775) 684-8845 Cell- (775) 247-7665
Legislative Operations and Elections Committee Chair Brittany Miller:
Office-(775) 684-8844 Cell- (702) 518-0599
Legislative Operations and Elections Committee Vice Chair Sandra Jauregui:
Office- (775) 684-8821 Cell- (702) 336-4348