Urgent Action Alert from NVLeg- Oppose Bad Bill SB 292

Date: Wednesday, May 5th, 2021
Time: 6:30 PM
Committee: Senate Finance
SB 292 – Requiring a ballot in the general election to have an option to vote a straight ticket for partisan races.
Explanation of the Bill –
SB 292 enables straight-ticket voting here in Nevada. Straight-ticket voting allows voters to choose a party’s ENTIRE slate of candidates with just a single ballot mark. It discourages voter engagement and informed voting. Informed voters help improve the election process and ensure that the best candidate is elected to represent the concerns they have, an aspect of elected office Democrats in the Legislature hate. SB 292 would cost Nevada Taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.
See Chairman McDonald’s written statement from the Nevada GOP here.
Link to participate (you must preregister prior to the meeting) –
Email to submit written testimony – SenFIN@sen.state.nv.us