United States Postal Service Whistleblower Testimony on Election

2020 is the year most of our readers have likely voted by mail for the first time. As such, with any new area of study, there are details which most are unaware of. One such detail is that mail ballots may not be forwarded. As you’ve seen in previous posts, one of the biggest sources of fraud in the 2020 elections was through mail in ballots, with a focus on those that went to undeliverable, vacant, and out of state addresses. What may be new “news” is that Nevada does not allow ballots to be forwarded–mail in ballots can only be sent to the address that the voter has on file. If a voter moves, they must take action to update their information:

NRS 293.8847  Methods of distribution and other requirements for mail ballots and supporting materials; recordation of certain information by clerk.

   1.  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2 and chapter 293D of NRS, for any affected election, the county or city clerk, as applicable, shall send to each active registered voter by first-class mail, or by any class of mail if the Official Election Mail logo or an equivalent logo or mark created by the United States Postal Service is properly placed:

   (a) A mail ballot;

   (b) A return envelope;

   (c) An envelope or sleeve into which the mail ballot is inserted to ensure its secrecy;

   (d) An identification envelope, if applicable; and

   (e) Instructions.

   2.  In sending a mail ballot to each active registered voter, the county or city clerk shall use an envelope that may not be forwarded to an address of the voter that is different from the address to which the mail ballot is mailed.

So why does this matter? Well, although most of our readers would never commit a felony and complete a ballot not addressed to them, unfortunately, there are Nevadans who would….and did. 

One of our brave whistleblowers came forward to expose corruption by a USPS Supervisor.

So now, we know ballots were not only being sent to the deceased, but also then sent on to their living relatives….to do what? Given that these actions amount to voter fraud, do we sit and wonder and never find out whether or not it is USPS policy to commit felony voter fraud under NRS 293.800, Category E Felony? 

How many ballots were illegally forward in the state of Nevada? We are still waiting on USPS officials to do the right thing and answer our Freedom of Information Act requests and stop sheltering lawbreakers.

Moreover, the USPS is preventing witnesses and whistleblowers from testifying. The witness and whistleblowers would be testifying on what the legal team has been told was a decision to have ballots delivered to undeliverable addresses. These ballots were also collected, turned in and counted. This is a big issue in Clark County, NV, as there were approx. 8k voters who were deemed to have undeliverable addresses during the primaries who magically voted in the general election. There are multiple key witnesses who are whistleblowers with matching, independent stories supporting these issues, who USPS tried to obstruct from testifying. Supervisors at USPS informed employees that they were not permitted to testify because they were employees. 

You can read our whistleblowers statement here.