The Trump Campaign and Nevada GOP Sends Letter to the Secretary of State Demanding Transparency from the Clark County Registrar

LAS VEGAS – Yesterday, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Nevada Republican Party sent a letter to Nevada’s Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske requesting she ensure transparency from the Clark County’s elections department after Registrar Joe Gloria prohibited the public from observing certain areas where ballots are being reviewed and handled in the county’s office.

Additionally, Gloria has restricted observers within the office so that they cannot meaningfully observe the process.

You can read the letter here.

The Nevada Republican Party stands with President Trump and his fight for a fair, transparent election. Nevada law, NRS 293B.353(1), is clear that local election officials “shall allow members of the general public to observe the counting of the ballots at the central counting place if those members do not interfere with the counting of the ballots.”

Gloria’s blatant disregard for accountability and transparency in the ballot counting process infringes on Nevadans’ right to observe its electoral process, and as the letter to Secretary Cegavske states, the Nevada Republican Party is prepared to remedy this issue in court if Clark County continues to break the law.

“Clark County’s refusal to allow accountability and transparency into an election system that was created at the 11th hour, with less than 100 days until Election Day, weakens trust in the electoral process and puts the integrity of the results at risk,” said Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald. “The public has a legal right to observe this process, and if Joe Gloria continues to refuse to allow that, we will be left with no other choice than legal relief.”