The Nevada Republican Party Files Complaint Against Nicole Cannizzaro

The Nevada Republican Party announced today it has filed a complaint against a political action committee (PAC) run by State Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office and demanded an investigation into a scheme to circumvent campaign finance laws.

You can read the complaint here.

The announcement comes on the heels of news today that two state Senate candidates received max contributions from Cannizzaro’s ‘Battle Born and Raised’ PAC, then received contributions from a political action committee run by state Senator Chris Brooks which was entirely funded by Cannizzaro’s ‘Battle Born and Raised’ PAC.

The convoluted web of donations allowed Cannizzaro’s PAC to exceed the maximum contribution limit.

Nicole Cannizzaro continues to willfully violate campaign finance law in the Silver State as this revelation follows last week’s news that Cannizzaro’s re-election campaign received donations from her PAC that was funded by two donors that had previously contributed the max contribution to her campaign.

The Nevada Republican Party called on the Secretary of State’s office to conduct a quick and thorough investigation into Cannizzaro’s alleged scheme and pointed out that the office handed down a $25,000 fine on 2010 gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid for similar violations.

“We hope a quick and thorough investigation into State Senator Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro can provide Nevadans the answers they deserve,” said Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Jessica Hanson. “As the legislature meets once again this week for a special session, and with Cannizzaro on the ballot in November, Nevadans must know whether the Majority Leader willfully abused the voters’ trust bestowed upon her and came up with this scheme herself.”