Senior Democrats Have Done 180 On Impeachment Rules Since Clinton


Senior Senate Democrats’ positions on impeachment are coming back to haunt them.

Back in 1999, the last time the body debated impeachment, Sens. Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Patrick Leahy and Dick Durbin all pushed to have witnesses eliminated from trial of disgraced president, Bill Clinton.

Fast forward to today, the same Democrats who opposed witnesses in the Clinton trial are now demanding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allow witnesses otherwise it would not be a fair trial.

This has been a sham impeachment since day one with the Democrats’ playing partisan politics rather than governing on behalf of the American people.

BOTTOM LINE: Democrats have been trying to impeach President Trump since he was elected in 2016. Democrats know that they cannot beat President Trump at the ballot box and are more than willing to overthrow the will of the American people purely for partisan political gain.

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