RNC & NVGOP Sue Clark County for Hiding Evidence of Shady Backroom Election Deal

The Republican National Committee, in partnership with the Nevada Republican Party, filed a lawsuit against Clark County for hiding public records pertaining to the shady backroom deal the Democrat-dominated county commission struck with the Democratic National Committee and other liberal groups to make changes to Nevada’s June 9 primary election that Democrats were demanding.

On May 7, the RNC requested records from Clark County on how the commission reached their decision to force the Clark County Registrar to waste over $300,000 of taxpayer money to mail ballots to all inactive voters—many of whom have moved or are deceased—add more polling locations, and hire ballot harvesters without input from the public. The county has refused to turn them over, violating the Nevada Public Records Act, giving the RNC no choice but to file a lawsuit in the interest of transparency.

“Since the Democrat-dominated Clark County Commission is refusing to comply with state law and release public records, we have been left with no other choice but to ask the court to force the county to hand them over,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “Nevadans deserve answers as to how its largest county came to the decision to strike this shady backroom deal and mail thousands of ballots, including to inactive voters, that have littered the streets of Las Vegas.”

This lawsuit is the latest legal action in Nevada where Democrats have seized on the coronavirus pandemic in an attempt to push through their long-sought partisan election agenda. The Democratic National Committee and other liberal groups sued the Nevada Secretary of State in a brazen attempt to force her to willfully ignore and violate Nevada election law by suspending prosecution of ballot harvesters, sending ballots to all inactive voters, suspending verification procedures for absentee ballots such as signature matching, and demanding more in-person voting centers, despite the state’s all-mail order for the primary.

Just days after the lawsuit was filed, the Clark County Registrar filed a joinder saying elected officials were compelling the office to cave to the Democrats’ demands.

The decision to mail ballots to inactive voters has led to ballots littering Las Vegas’s streets, piling up in trash cans, and hanging from community boards in apartment complexes, leaving Nevada’s elections open and vulnerable to fraud.

That is why, last month, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel sent a letter to Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford demanding an investigation into whether Clark County’s troubling decision may have violated Nevada’s open public meeting and election laws.

You can read the lawsuit here.