Questions surrounding Afghanistan refugee relocation to Nevada

Governor Sisolak “stands ready to support the resettlement effort in our state & the Afghan families seeking refuge in NV.” This comment made in response to the 150 Afghanistan refugees resettling in Nevada.

Refugees are reported to undergo background checks and COVID-19 testing upon arrival. But who are these refugees being welcomed to the Silver State?

It was first reported that refugees were entering the United States through the Special Immigrant Visa program. Yet yesterday Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that only 3% of the individuals brought into the U.S. from Afghanistan were recipients of the special immigrant visas.

Additionally, it’s been reported that these unknown immigrants are bringing health risks, such as measles, to the U.S.

With so many risks and unknowns, it begs the question: Why would Governor Sisolak so willingly put Nevadans at risk without doing his due diligence?

While Nevada is in its own crisis with COVID-19 and the nation’s highest unemployment, why welcome an unknown risk?