Punt Sisolak Punt

LAS VEGAS – Governor Steve Sisolak is yet again punting the ball and shirking responsibilities. Yesterday’s Press conference shows his inability to lead Nevadans and the Silver State as a whole.

While Governor Sisolak had previously told the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce that he will not enact new taxes to fill the over $800 million budget shortfall, yesterday’s press conference regarding updates on COVID-19 in the state say’s otherwise. The Governor then informed Nevadans that “…It’s going to depend on what the legislature comes up with.” regarding the raising of taxes.

Reno state Senator Ben Kieckhefer was among the first to notice Sisolak’s double speak.

It’s clear Sisolak will jump at any opportunity he can to punt his responsibilities and pass blame onto others. After the 2019 legislative session ended, and Clark County teachers were threatening to go on strike, Sisolak was quick to claim no responsibility and demanded the Clark County School District “fix it.”

“Steve Sisolak continues to shirk his responsibilities as Governor. First it was his unwillingness to support teachers raises saying that’s ‘a county problem’ and now lying to Nevadans about not raising taxes.” said Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Jessica Hanson. “The Governor continues to punt the ball and this time it may hurt Nevadans financially in already strained times.”