PRESS RELEASE : Statement from the Nevada Republican Party on the Bogus Indictment of President Trump

LAS VEGAS, NV – “Today, we saw a politically motivated indictment of President Trump. This is an attack on the rule of law, our republic, and should be repugnant to anyone who values an impartial and equal justice system. This isn’t a prosecution, it’s a persecution. 

Unfortunately, this blatant weaponization of our government agencies is not unprecedented – but it should be unacceptable to all Americans. Politically motivated prosecutions undermine the fundamental principles of the rule of law and equal justice for all, and lead to abuses of power and the erosion of our liberty. Democrats are putting their quest for power over the well-being of our country. You don’t have to agree with President Donald Trump’s policies to recognize that this prosecution is wrong, and is a dangerous path that has no place in our country.”