PRESS RELEASE : Statement from the Nevada Republican Party on Lawsuit to Restore a Republican Presidential Caucus

May 31, 2023


LAS VEGAS, NV – “Today, the Nevada Republican Party filed a lawsuit against the State of Nevada to ensure that only Republicans will decide the method of choosing our Republican Presidential nominee.

Due to the inability of Nevada Democrats to execute a smooth, efficient caucus, they want to use unaccountable dark money in an attempt to force Republicans to change the way we choose our Presidential nominee, and allow out-of-state interests to interfere in the Nevada GOP nominating process. The first four early states continue to stand together to maintain our historic role in the Presidential nominating process. Despite the continued stonewalling of Governor Lombardo’s election bills seeking voter ID and transparent, accountable elections, the Nevada Republican Party will never stop fighting for free and fair elections. We look forward to the precedent that political parties may decide their method of choosing their nominee being upheld in court.”


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