PRESS RELEASE : Statement from the Nevada Republican Party on AB423 and the Democrats Proposed Amendment Targeting Women

May 24, 2023

LAS VEGAS, NV – “The cardinal feature of good government is a fierce commitment to transparency for the people that government is supposed to serve. When the Nevada Legislature seeks to circumvent public bill hearings, and add on punitive amendments without any pretense of soliciting public feedback, what then, does that say about the Legislature?

AB423 had an amendment added on at the 11th hour which completely reworks the bill while circumventing the required bill hearings. What the Senate is being asked to vote on is a fundamentally different bill than what was presented in public hearings. This procedural aspect is beyond troubling – it should be illegal, but what is in this amendment is even more disturbing. 

Senate Democrats are proposing to fine other elected representatives – school board trustees – if they pass a policy which protects students from sexual exposure and protects girl’s sports as required by Title IX. If they pass such a rule, they are liable to be fined $5,000 per day. This is an amendment aimed solely at Douglas County, which is working on a resolution to ensure that all students, and particularly female students, are protected per Article 1, Section 24 of the Nevada Constitution, which provides that “Equality of Rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged….on account of….sex.” It is disgusting that Democrats are working to roll back the clock on sex-specific protections that were voted into law by Nevadans, while also attempting to hide their actions by exempting themselves from Open Meeting Laws. Amendment 674 of AB423 has no place in a Nevada committed to equal rights for all. “