PRESS RELEASE: Nevada Republican Party Stands with Colorado Republicans Against Partisan Court Decision

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, the Colorado Supreme Court shocked the nation with a partisan and politically motivated decision to bar former President Donald J. Trump from the Primary Ballot, depriving Coloradans of the their right to vote. The Nevada Republican Party condemns this unprecedented intrusion into the democratic process and expresses unwavering support for our Republican friends in Colorado.

The unexpected decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to exclude the former President from the Primary Ballot raises concerns about the fundamental right of political parties to choose their nominees. 

In light of similar challenges faced in Nevada, the Nevada Republican Party has maintained its caucus system, resisting attempts by Democrats to replace it with a government-run primary. The Nevada Republican Party applauds the Colorado Republican Party’s resilience in the face of this politically motivated court ruling. We fully endorse their efforts to challenge the decision and advocate for a return to the caucus system for the 2024 elections if the ruling stands. This decision reinforces the belief that allowing registered Republicans to choose their nominee through a caucus is a more democratic and representative process.

As the Nevada Republican Party continues to champion the caucus system, we invite all registered Republicans to participate in the 2024 Presidential Caucus on February 8th, from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Exercise your right to choose the your nominee instead of letting government choose for you. Learn more about the caucus and how to participate at