PRESS RELEASE: Nevada Republican Party Investigates Alleged Irregularities in Mail-In Ballot Counting

February 19, 2024


Las Vegas, NV – The Nevada Republican Party has received reports from numerous registered Republican voters who did not participate in the Nevada State-Run Presidential Primary, which was recently won by “None of these Candidates”, that their mail ballot was received and counted by the State of Nevada.

According to the complaints received by the NVGOP, individuals who did not cast their vote during the Nevada State-Run Presidential Primary have unexpectedly received notifications from the Secretary of State’s Office stating that their mail-in ballots have been tagged with the status “Mail Ballot Counted.” This has prompted warranted concerns regarding the accuracy and transparency of the ballot counting procedures. These reports have raised serious questions about the security of the complex process of tabulating mail-in ballots in Nevada that needs to be addressed prior to the June Primary and November General Election.

In response to these alarming reports, the Nevada Republican Party legal team has taken swift action to address the situation. The NVGOP is actively engaged in communication with the Secretary of State’s Office to conduct a thorough investigation into these alleged irregularities. It is imperative that the integrity of the electoral process is upheld and that every legitimate vote is accurately accounted for.

“We take these reports very seriously,” stated Michael McDonald Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party. “The cornerstone of our Republic is the trust and confidence of the American people in the electoral process. Any indication of irregularities must be thoroughly investigated to ensure the integrity of our elections.”

The Nevada Republican Party remains committed to safeguarding the electoral process. As such, the NVGOP will continue to work diligently with the Secretary of State’s Office to uncover the facts behind these reported discrepancies and to implement any necessary measures to restore public trust in the electoral process.