PRESS RELEASE : Chairman Michael J. McDonald calls on all Republicans to unite behind President Trump

LAS VEGAS, NV – Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald issued the following statement : “In the wake of Super Tuesday, where Republican voters made their voices resoundingly clear, the Nevada Republican Party  is issuing a call for unity within the GOP ranks. The results of Super Tuesday demonstrate an overwhelming desire among Republican voters for President Donald J. Trump to lead the Republican Party to a resounding victory in the upcoming November elections.

Nevada is proud to stand with President Trump and echoes the sentiment expressed by countless Republican voters across the nation. The message from our voters is clear: they trust President Trump to lead our party and our country forward, building on the successes of his first term and safeguarding America’s future.

It is time for Nikki Haley to listen to the will of the Republican electorate and join hands in support of our President. Now is not the time for division or hesitation; it is a time for solidarity and action. Republicans stand for America First, and they stand with President Trump as he leads us to victory in November!”