PRESS RELEASE : Chairman McDonald’s Statement on RINOs for Ford

October 22, 2022

PRESS RELEASE : Chairman McDonald’s Statement on RINOs for Ford

LAS VEGAS, NV – “As you may have heard, we’ve got an election coming up in 17 short days. This has been one of the nastiest election cycles we’ve seen yet, with voters being bombarded by ads designed to distract from Nevada’s out of control cost of living increases caused by unified Democrat control.

You may have heard, in the media or by me personally, about a despicable group of Republicans who are openly campaigning for Democrats. This group, which is affiliated with perennial losers and failed candidates, is led by Amy Tarkanian, and have hired the Democrats go-to law firm.

Yes. You heard me correctly. The Nevada Democrats’ lawyers.

This is the first time in Nevada’s recent history that we’ve had a Republican running in every race, and as a response we have fame-hungry Republicans-in-Name-Only trying to derail the Red Wave by actively campaigning against them.

Let me be clear.

RINOs for Ford are actively campaigning for Democrats, and are suing real Republicans with the Democrats’ attorneys. With that of course prompts the question – who benefits and who is covering their legal bills?

These RINOs for Ford should not be surprised that their actions have consequences. One of the consequences of supporting Democrats who release criminals onto our streets, shut down our schools and businesses, and want to defund the police is that Republicans do not want to associate with you any longer. You have chosen to support our opposition, and Republicans across the state have expressed their formal disgust with the likes of Amy Tarkanian.

Real Republicans have been busy contacting voters to help us win BIG in 2022. That’s why the NVGOP and our partners have just hit our 3 millionth voter contact in Nevada. While RINOs for Ford are slurring their way through TV interviews, we’ve been putting in the hard work of talking to voters.

There’s a reason this happened the day before early voting – to try and distract from the disastrous Democrat record of high gas prices, increasing grocery costs, and rising crime. It’s disgusting that Republicans are campaigning for Democrats. It’s disgusting that they attack my staff and file frivolous lawsuits because they don’t like the completely predictable consequences of their actions.

Unfortunately, Amy Tarkanian (who was asked to resign after being chair for approximately 6 months) and her clowder of clowns have decided to attack central committees, my Executive Director, and of course, me. I am sick of Democrats being united while Republicans infight. I am proud of the counties that said ‘no more!’ to Republicans who don’t want to support our party or our candidates.

At the end of the day, if someone talks like a Democrat, fundraises for Democrats, and hires the Nevada Democrats’ lawyer – they are probably a Democrat.

Those that can’t win, whine. Ignore the noise. Let’s finish the mission and elect our entire slate of Republican candidates on November 8th, 2022.

Download your official slate card here:

Onward to Victory.”

-Chairman Michael J. McDonald

Chairman’s Letter 10-22-22