NVGOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald’s Statement on Attorney General Ford’s Tweet

Statement from Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald on Attorney General Ford’s ridiculous tweet  last night:
“The upcoming election process was dramatically changed when Democrat legislators pushed through a partisan bill with little public comment late at night on a weekend. These changes were not for the people of Nevada. These changes were put into place as part of a political game by the left. The President understand this and his campaign has worked hand in hand with the Nevada Republican Party to ensure we have a robust poll watching program in place. Every voter in Nevada is entitled to a fair election process and we intend to hold Democrats to that standard. I predicted that regulations would loosen as we approach the election and they have. Democrats are toying with the election at every turn because they know the President has enthusiasm and support in the Silver State. Our team will be out in full force protecting Nevada’s right to a fair election and we hope that Attorney General Ford and Democrats would do the same, unlike what we saw during the special sessions.”