NV Leg Action Alert- Oppose AB 321 & AB 126

Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM
Committee: Assembly Ways and Means
Email to submit written testimony – AsmWM@asm.state.nv.us
AB 321 – Makes universal mail voting and ballot harvesting permanent. This bill would ensure that voting irregularities, ballot harvesting, and all the issues we saw in the 2020 elections would continue. All mail voting is a waste of state funds and cannot be properly conducted in a state like Nevada until there is meaningful election reform and voter roll maintenance.
Explanation of AB 321
Would make the provisions of AB 4 that was passed in the middle of the night 90 days before the last election permanent. This bad bill includes legal ballot harvesting and universal mail-in voting, with virtually no safeguards to ensure that returned ballots are legitimate. This bill has six fiscal notes attached to it and would cost Nevada Taxpayers millions of dollars. Read more here
AB 126 – Providing for a presidential preference primary election; setting forth requirements and procedures for holding a presidential preference primary election
Explanation of AB 126
Takes away the rights of political parties to determine how they will select their nominee for President by mandating that the nominee will be chosen in a separate Presidential Primary Election to be held in early February. Even if you prefer a primary to a caucus, this bill violates both Democrat and Republican party rules, potentially causing Nevada to lose representation at the National Conventions. The cost to taxpayers to hold a third election in Presidential election years would be over $5 Million, and would require our county clerks to work over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays preparing for the extra early election. Finally, by unilaterally choosing to violate party rules, this legislation jeopardizes Nevada’s First in the West status.
Email to submit written testimony – AsmWM@asm.state.nv.us