Nevada Republican Party Update 10/25/2019

Happy Nevada Day Weekend!
The Nevada Republican Party has been quite busy this month. With the 2020 elections right around the corner, the Nevada Republican Party is doing more than it ever has to help President Donald J. Trump and all our down-ballot candidates win! Below outlines what the Nevada Republican Party has been up to over the past few months.
The Battleborn Candidates Program
The Nevada Republican Party has been hosting Candidate Training Schools to assist in the recruitment of candidates to run for State Senate and the State Assembly. The Nevada Republican Party has been working with the best vendors from around the nation to show these prospective candidates what it takes to win elections. Once we find qualified individuals, we then start them through our Battleborn Candidates Program working hand in hand with the Nevada Assembly and Senate Caucuses. This program allows candidates to move up in the program after accomplishing specific goals, and in turn, gives them benefits from the State Party along the way. Check out our Battleborn Candidates here.
Trump Victory & Nevada GOP Office Opening
Showing how important Nevada is, the President’s campaign decided to open the first Trump Victory Field office in the entire United States in Reno this past week. Washoe County will be crucial to winning the state for the President and with the Nevada Republican Party and Trump Victory Staff in place sooner than ever before, election season is fully underway. Nevada Trump Co-Chair Adam Laxalt and Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald were in attendance to welcome Trump supporters from around the county to the opening. We look forward to seeing our grassroots network continue to grow. For those interested in volunteering in the Reno area, the office is located at 1155 West 4th Street Unit 121 Reno, Nevada 89503.
Nevada Republican Party Fundraising
The Nevada Republican Party has also been using new innovative technology to fundraise to help our candidates up and down the ballot. Recently, the Nevada Republican Party launched two merchandise fundraisers. The “Impeach This” T-shirt sold in 45 US States and Territories and had over 700 orders. Additionally, the Nevada Republican Party in the month of August had more small dollar donors than the NVDems have had in a single month in the past ten years while also outraising the NVDems in total the same month. You can still purchase your “Impeach This” shirt benefiting the Nevada Republican Party and the Trump Campaign here. Additionally, the Nevada Republican Party hosted a Fundraiser with RNC Co-Chair Tommy Hicks. Donors from around the Las Vegas Valley were in attendance to hear the Co-Chair talk about the importance of Nevada and what the President’s Campaign is doing to lead us to Victory in 2020.
The Nevada Republican Party in the Field
The Nevada Republican Party has been putting the pressure on Democrats on their pushing of the Impeachment inquiry. The Nevada Republican Party organized a march at Trump Tower in Las Vegas showing our President support and making it known that we do not support this Witch Hunt! Over 150 supporters of the President showed up causing the event to garner national attention.
There was also a rally to support the President in Carson City. Working hand in hand with the Carson City Republican Party and PJ DeGross we saw an outpouring of support. People from all over Northern Nevada were in attendance in front of the Nevada Legislative building.
The Rural Chair for the Trump Campaign in Nevada, Assemblyman Gregory Hafen II, also rallied supporters in Las Vegas urging Susie Lee to stop the Nonsense by personally delivering the Impeach This Shirt to Susie Lee’s office.To no one’s surprise, her office did not accept it. Regardless, the message was loud and clear from the Rural Chair for Nevada’s Trump Campaign, Assemblyman Hafen II, and the supporters that came out. Stop the Madness!
More recently, the Nevada Republican Party has been yet again protesting against Democratic Presidential hopefuls. With Joe Biden’s Campaign opening up its office in Las Vegas just a few days ago, our volunteers seized the opportunity and showed up to promote a website that Joe Biden and his Campaign failed to register. Thanks to the quick thinking of the RNC, Republicans were able to build a website on Biden’s supposed Rally Cry. You can check out the website that Biden’s campaign failed to buy here. Our Volunteers even got a shout-out from the official Team Trump Twitter account.
Republican Efforts Across the State
Chairman Michael J. McDonald would like to thank the Nevada Federation of Republican Women (NvFRW) for their important work in the field. NvRFW members volunteered a total of 413,936 hours on various campaigns. This important work has not gone unrecognized. Additionally, the Chairman would like to commend Caroline Smith for her outstanding work with the NvRFW in 2018 and 2019, which earned her a “Campaign Volunteer Award” from the National Federation of Republican Women.
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Michael J. McDonald
Chairman, Nevada Republican Party
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