Nevada Republican Party Has Biggest Online Fundraising Quarter in NV GOP History

The enthusiasm to support the Nevada Republican Party has not slowed, even amid a global pandemic. Now more than ever, individual donors are recognizing the importance of contributing to the Party, supported by the record-breaking second quarter in which the Nevada Republican Party raised over $150,000 online through small-dollar donations.

The historic online fundraising during the second quarter shattered the previous record set just earlier this year.

“It seems our successful online fundraising program was just getting started in the first quarter of 2020. Our supporters continue to show support through small-dollar donations that translated to the Nevada Republican Party’s best quarter in history,” said NVGOP Finance Chairman Jim Hindle. “This is a representation of just how enthusiastic Republicans are for November’s election.”

These record-setting online fundraising efforts show that the work of the Nevada Republican Party’s robust field program is not going unnoticed. Working alongside the Nevada GOP, Trump Victory has built the largest team ever for a presidential election cycle.

“Republicans know what is at stake in this election. With more than sixty staffers across the Silver State and a volunteer infrastructure of thousands of Nevadans, our work towards electing Republicans in November is stronger than it has ever been,” said Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald. “Our team has made over 1.3 million voter contacts this cycle and the work that’s being done in the field is only sustained with the support of our donors.”