Nevada is Poised to Turn Red in November

Nevada is poised to turn red in November
Reno Gazette-Journal
Michael J. McDonald
June 16, 2020

With the primary election behind us, and as we turn toward November’s election, Nevada is in strong a position to turn. It’s plain to see the enthusiasm for President Trump and his policies in the Silver State, and our team has been hard at work to build the greatest ground operation this state has ever seen.

Recently, Nevada Trump Victory announced they have already contacted over 1 million voters thanks in large part to the permanent presence the Republican National Committee has had in our state since 2016. Even when the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping the nation, this team showed its versatility when it seamlessly transitioned to being a 100 percent virtual operation in less than 24 hours.

Compare that to hiding Joe Biden, who is hunkered down in his basement while his campaign’s glitch-riddled virtual operation has left supporters complaining their digital game is “in the Stone Age.”

The difference between these two campaigns is night and day, and I’m excited to see just how much we accomplish in the remaining months ahead.

But not only is the campaign operation strong; it is bolstered by the opportunity to share President Trump’s historic record of delivering for Nevadans and our country.

And there’s no greater example of how Donald J. Trump is a president of action than how he quickly got to work to protect Nevadans and their economic well being after the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

With the signing of the CARES Act, President Trump provided Nevadans much needed financial relief and ensured jobs were protected. The Nevada State Bank issued forgivable loans to small businesses, which saved over 65,000 jobs, so they could keep these entrepreneurs could keep their lights on and employees paid.

Just last week, the May jobs report defied the experts as it showed we added 2.5 million jobs despite predictions that we’d lose up to 8.5 million.

President Trump built the greatest economy the world has ever seen, and he is already showing that he will do it once again.

Additionally, the President has been working to ensure we have an affordable health care system that works for everyone. His administration has been able to work with Congress to lower the cost of prescription drugs while simultaneously having the first ever decline of benchmark premiums on the federal health care exchange.

This doesn’t even begin to touch one of the most concerning issues in healthcare facing our country and Nevada in particular, the opioid crisis.

Nevada’s Esmerelda and Storey Counties are two of the most at risk counties in the nation when it comes to the opioid epidemic according to the Opioid and Health Indicators Database. Thanks to the President’s bold steps to combat this crisis, those struggling with addiction are getting critical help with a large portion of the over $1.8 billion President Trump has invested to defeat this epidemic going directly to prevention, treatment and recovery services for those in need.

President Trump is fighting for the United States and Nevada. His accomplishments are unquestionable, and the strength of his campaign is unmatched.

Nevada Republicans are in great shape as we head into November and we will deliver four more years for President Trump in the White House.