Nevada GOP Votes to Censure Nevada Secretary of State

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jessica Hanson
Nevada GOP Votes to Censure Nevada Secretary of State
Carson City, NV – Please see the following statement regarding the resolution passed by the Nevada Republican Party to censure Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske:
“During its meeting this weekend, the Nevada Republican Party had a healthy debate regarding November’s election and the role of the Nevada Secretary of State. The Nevada Republican Central Committee passed a resolution to censure SOS Barbara Cegavske due to her failure to implement reasonable election security measures, failure to investigate all potential fraudulent votes, and irresponsible public statements regarding the fairness of the 2020 election.
The Nevada Republican Party is disappointed by the inaction of the Secretary of State to communicate and timely investigate claims of voter fraud in the Silver State. While many vague and flawed sections of Nevada Revised Statutes make election integrity difficult in Nevada, the Nevada SOS had many opportunities to safeguard this election and instill voter confidence both prior to and following the election. The Nevada SOS’s failure to act when she had opportunities to do so is unfortunate and disappointing. Notably, the Secretary of State’s office allowed the Clark County Elections Department to submit its election observation plans months late and, when it was finally received, the Nevada SOS quickly rubber stamped the plan proposed despite an offer by the Nevada GOP to fully fund live streaming of ballot counting in Clark County similar to what the Washoe County Elections Department already offers to the public. Due in large part to the Nevada SOS’s unwillingness to assure meaningful observation of the 2020 election, the voting process in Clark County was poorly conducted and lacked the transparency generally expected.
Secretary of State Cegavske’s irresponsible communications regarding the fairness of the election continue to this day as she asserts that the election was not “wrought with fraud” although her office acknowledges the receipt and ongoing investigation of more than 120,000 voters provided by the Nevada Republican Party’s Election Integrity Violation Reports. This irresponsible communication has been used by Democrats as bipartisan endorsement to their bad election reform legislation being presented such as AB 321.
The Nevada Republican Party believes in integrity and the rule of law and would never ask our elected officials to “put their thumb on the scale”. The Nevada Republican Party simply holds all elected officials to a high standard and demands that each of them do their job and uphold their Oath of Office.”