Nevada GOP Statement on Attorney General Ford’s Insensitive Video

Nevada GOP Statement on Attorney General Ford’s Insensitive Video on COVID-19 Vaccine
LAS VEGAS – Please see the following statement from the Nevada Republican Party regarding Attorney General Ford’s insensitive video regarding COVID-19 Vaccination:
“Many Nevadans have passed away from COVID-19. Millions are suffering due to the economic impact of shutdowns. Nevadans have lost their businesses and loved ones. Meanwhile, Governor Sisolak blames the administration for the failures of COVID relief in the Silver State while unable to handle unemployment and other relief resources in the state. Recently, it was published that Nevada was among one of the worst states for vaccine distribution. Governor Sisolak had ample time to create a distribution plan, but has failed Nevadans.
Now, we see Attorney General Aaron Ford boasting that he received his vaccine, ahead of many of our elderly citizens, our business owners, our frontline workers. Attorney General Ford’s video that depicts him dancing in joy for receiving the vaccine is a stark reminder that our leaders have privileged treatment over our vulnerable populations and our business owners. The Nevada Republican National Committeeman, Jim DeGraffenreid, said, “As a first responder, I was offered a vaccination at the end of December. I did not accept, because I believe that the first vaccines should go to those that the science shows are most at-risk first, such as our elders and those Nevadans with pre-existing conditions. It is unconscionable that our elected officials are putting themselves before those who need this vaccine.”
This video is a slap in the face to all Nevadans waiting to be vaccinated and all those who have dealt with the heartache associated with losing a loved one. This is not an occasion to dance around. We urge Attorney General Ford to apologize to all Nevadans, and Americans, who are in despair waiting for the vaccine.”