Nevada GOP Responds to Secretary of State’s Statement on Election Integrity Reports Turned in for Investigation

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jessica Hanson
Nevada GOP Responds to Secretary of State’s Statement on Election Integrity Reports Turned in for Investigation

Las Vegas, NV – See the following statement from the Nevada Republican Party regarding the Secretary of State’s statement on the recent Election Integrity Violations Reports (EIVR) turned in for investigation.


“Earlier this month the Nevada Republican Party turned in 122,918 unique voter complaints from the 2020 election to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s office. Each of these complaints included individual identifying information consisting of voters names, birthdate, address, with other identifying information, among the following categories:

3,987 Individual Non-Citizen Voter Complaints

1,506 Individual Deceased Voter Complaints

2,468 Individual National Change of Address to Out of State Complaints

31,643 ID Required Flagged Individuals

324 Federal Post Card Registration Complaints

120 Page Report on Native American Cash for Votes Scheme

42,284 Individual Duplicate Voter Complaints

15,164 Non-Nevada Mailing Addresses

8,842 Commercial Registration Addresses

8,111 Non-Existent Addresses

8,529 Reactivated Votes by Mail

60 Voters in Clark County with the first name ‘Resident’ last name ‘Resident’

These 122,918 voter records were submitted on 40,669 separate Election Integrity Violation Reports. For some of the above categories, it made more sense to combine multiple complaints into one single report with an attached list of individual voters, rather than submitting individual EIVR’s. Despite the submission of 40,669 separate reports, it appears the Secretary of State has only acknowledged receipt of 3,963 EIVR’s.  As such, we would encourage the Secretary to review the totality of the evidence presented and assure Nevadan’s that she is going to investigate each and every complaint.

Frankly, this investigation should have occurred months ago. The Secretary has said time and time again that there is no evidence of voter fraud and thus nothing to investigate. Nevertheless, her office has now validated our assertion that there was voter fraud in the 2020 election when she confirmed that many of these reports were “already under investigation”. Simply put, Nevadans need better transparency from our elected officials investigating these matters, especially with so many questions about the integrity of our voting process. We hope that Secretary Cegavske demonstrates a commitment to the concept that no amount of voter fraud is acceptable in the great State of Nevada.”