Nevada GOP Responds to Kamala Harris’s Visit to Nevada

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jessica Hanson
Nevada GOP Responds to Kamala Harris’s Visit to Nevada
Las Vegas, NV – See the following statement from the Nevada Republican Party regarding Kamala Harris’s visit to Las Vegas:
“Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Las Vegas today to flaunt the American Rescue Plan which Congress recently passed. This progressive wishlist of a bill does not help the American people combat the impacts of COVID-19 as only 9% of the bill’s spending goes directly toward COVID relief. Less than 1% of spending goes towards accelerating vaccine distribution, which was only made possible by President Trump’s Operation Warpspeed. Meanwhile, our schools are in disarray, unemployment is at an all time high, Sisolak’s shutdown continues to decimate our businesses, and DETR is a colossal failure. Vice President Harris’ visit to the Silver State is a charade to bring attention to Nevada as a key battleground state. As Nevadans are dealing with shuttered businesses and food insecurity, they see through this and know that our state is suffering due to Democrat mismanagement and the ongoing Sisolak Shutdown.”