Nevada GOP Comments on Election Reform Bill Hearings

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jessica Hanson
Nevada GOP Comments on Election Reform Bill Hearings
Carson City, NV – Please see the following statement in regards to the election reform bills AB 321 and SB 292 heard in committee:
“Democrat sponsored election reform bills were heard in their respective committees yesterday, April 1st. Chairman Michael J. McDonald submitted official statements in opposition of AB321 and SB292 and many concerned voters called in to voice their opinion. The contrast between the public testimony was alarming. Among those in favor of these radical reforms were special interest groups and progressive organizations. Our legislators heard directly from concerned voters who took the time to testify in opposition of these election reform bills. This staggering difference is also reflected in the public opinions submitted online for each bill. It’s time that our legislators take their constituents seriously and weigh their opinions over special interest groups. The Nevada Republican Party in conjunction with Dr. Robin Titus and the Republican Assembly Caucus are fighting to have the people’s voice heard.
Meanwhile, we are half way through the 81st legislative session and not one Republican sponsored bill has been voted on in the Assembly. Hyper partisan legislation, such as AB 321 and SB 292, is a highlight of the blatant partisan political games being played in Carson City. Even our election officials, clerks and registrars, penned testimony indicating they are not equipped to implement AB 321 and SB 292 in 2022. The financial burden of implementing these measures will fall on the backs of Nevadans already struggling with economic devastation and record unemployment.
These bills were introduced under the guise of making voting easier, more accessible, and increasing voter turnout. Currently, if you like the option of sitting around your kitchen table and filling out your ballot in the comfort of your own home you can do that by requesting an absentee ballot. If you have barriers to voting in person you can vote by mail by requesting an absentee ballot.
We also heard a staggering number of untruth’s put out by AB321 proponents. The biggest whopper? That AB4 led to record turnout. This is not true. Voter turnout in 2020 was 78.2%. Voter turnout in 2012 was 81%. If Democrats were serious about increasing turnout, we would be reversing AB4 to get back to our system that resulted in record voter turnout. Why should Nevada spend millions of dollars implementing bad election reforms during an economic crisis when voter accessibility is already ample and turnout in the 2020 election was actually lower compared to 2012? The political games are dangerous for the integrity of our election process and ultimately will cost tax paying Nevadans precious money.”