Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald’s Statement on Husband of Democrat Assemblywoman Leading PAC that is Meddling in GOP Primary

LAS VEGAS – If you are covering new reporting that Truman Fleming, the husband of Nevada Democrat Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui, is leading a Political Action Committee called “Patriot Freedom Fund” that has been caught meddling in the Nevada Republican Party’s gubernatorial primary, please consider the following from Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald:

“We have received reports that Republican voters across the state have received deceptive mailers about Sheriff Joe Lombardo sent out by a Political Action Committee run by the husband of Democrat Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui. Let me be clear: Sheriff Joe Lombardo, like the rest of our candidates for governor, is a strong defender of our Second Amendment rights and will protect Nevadans’ right to bear arms. Period. ”

“These mailers prove once and for all that Democrats are up to sleazy, shady stunts to sow chaos in our Republican primary. Assemblywoman Jauregui must come clean. When did she learn her husband was lending his name to an effort to meddle in our primary? Did she sign off on the PAC? Did she sign off on the mail piece attacking Sheriff Lombardo? And what does Governor Sisolak know about this brazen attempt to meddle in June’s primary election?”

“Truman Fleming is the husband of the biggest advocate for gun control in the legislature. If Assemblywoman Jauregui was aware of this attack and gave her husband her blessing, she’s proven to no longer be fit to serve in the legislature. She will have signed onto an effort to willfully deceive her own constituents. Sandra Jauregui owes all Nevadans these answers and a resignation if she was in on the scheme.”