Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald Statement on Third Democrat Primary Debate

LAS VEGAS – Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald released the following statement regarding the third Democrat Presidential primary debate in Houston tonight:

“Despite cutting the debate participants in half, the primary to be the Democrats’ nominee continues to race to the Left. Nevadans are finally prospering, yet each and every one of these candidates would undo all of our progress and return to the high unemployment and stagnant wages we saw during the Obama/Biden Administration. Worse yet, they are determined to make our communities less safe by opening up our borders to any and every one that wants to enter. President Trump’s margin of victory widens after every one of these debates, so I look forward to seeing what insane proposals this circus produces next month.”

Earlier this week the Nevada Republican Party and Republican Party of Texas launched a limited edition t-shirt commemorating the clown show that the Democrat primary has become. For those interested in donating and receiving a t-shirt, they can visit