Nevada GOP Calls for an Investigation into Alleged Illegal Contributions to Gov. Sisolak’s Campaign

LAS VEGAS – Politico dropped a bombshell this morning, alleging a California marijuana executive may have made an illegal “straw man” donation to Governor Steve Sisolak’s 2018 campaign.

Adam Biermann, former CEO of MedMen, a legal marijuana company in California, is alleged to have associates of his contribute to Steve Sisolak’s campaign for Governor as Biermann was personally maxed out.

James Parker, former Chief Financial Officer of MedMen, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that the founder of the company Adam Bierman, who had maxed out to Sisolak’s campaign, urged Andrew Modlin, a co-founder of MedMen, and Parker to contribute to Sisolak’s campaign.

In return, Biermann used company funds to purchase furniture for Modlin as repayment.

Parker, Biermann and Modlin all maxed out to Sisolak’s campaign.

The Nevada Republican Party is calling on Sisolak to return the illegal contributions immediately and provide clarity to Nevadans on what he knew and when he knew it.

It’s hard to believe that Sisolak was unaware of this as he was presiding over “MedMen Day” in California just weeks before the 2018 election. Did he know about this scheme before receiving the contributions?

If not, when did he learn of it?

The Nevada Republican Party is also calling Attorney General Aaron Ford to investigate if the Governor or anybody from his office knew about this alleged straw man donation.

Nevadans deserve answers,” said Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Jessica Hanson. “Attorney General Aaron Ford must investigate these allegations and inform Nevadans who knew what and when.”