Nevada Democrats Wasting Money, Putting Lives at Risk

A week into the special session in Carson City and what do Nevada Democrats have to show for it?


In fact, the Democrat’s marquee accomplishment thus far is nothing more than a resolution asking President Trump and Congress to do what they are incapable of doing: solve Nevada’s budget crisis.

While COVID-19 has been running rampant in Nevada since March, Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats have repeatedly blamed others and shirked their responsibilities.

Not only are tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars being wasted while lawmakers sit around and do nothing, Governor Sisolak is putting the health and safety of lawmakers and support staff at risk the longer the special session drags out. Just last Friday, an individual at the Legislature tested positive resulting in several lawmakers participating remotely.

Democrats have proven they aren’t up to the task of leading during this crisis.

“Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats had months to plan for this upcoming special session and failed to act,” said Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Jessica Hanson. “While Nevadans are hurting, nothing is being done to solve this budget crisis other than wasting money and putting lives at risk.”