Nevada Democrat Shenanigans Give Voters Sneak Preview of November Election Hijinks

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As an anticipated Republican Tsunami roils beneath the waves, Democrats across America are concocting new ways to manipulate elections and, they hope, turn back that tide.

In Georgia, whose open primaries let voters cast ballots in either party’s preliminary elections, some 16,000 Democrats participated in the recent Republican contest. Many of these Democrats hoped to elect the weakest GOP nominees and then trample them beneath donkey hooves come November.

Nevada has become Ground Zero for such Democrat skullduggery.

Liberal PACs have been outed for posing as conservative groups to oppose Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo. Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak would be a heavy underdog to Lombardo, should the Clark County sheriff win the GOP primary. Liberal PAC donors calculate that their anti-Lombardo attacks will boost a less attractive candidate as the Republican standard bearer and boost Sisolak’s general- election prospects.

Democrats also are going to extremes in one crucial Las Vegas race. They apparently planted a Democrat mole in the Republican primary and are attempting to rig the local election board.

Clark County Commissioners are considered Nevada’s second-most powerful elected officials – behind only the governor.

The Clark County Commission supervises business licenses, land and water use, public safety, infrastructure, transportation, and the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. Because so many Nevadans reside in Sin City, the Commission represents 74 percent of the Silver State’s booming population.

The seven-seat Clark County Commission has been all-Democrat since 2008. This could change if Drew Johnson wins Tuesday’s GOP primary.

Johnson has called Las Vegas home since 2015. He is a nationally recognized government watchdog, conservative columnist, and founder of Tennessee’s free market think tank. He is a scholar and analyst at several major conservative policy institutes.

Just hours after former Vice President Al Gore won an Academy Award for his glorified “global warming” PowerPoint titled An Inconvenient Truth, Johnson researched electricity bills, which are public records in the Volunteer State. He discovered that Gore’s Nashville home used 20 times the power of an average American residence. Johnson made this inconvenient truth world famous. Gore’s 2007 Best Documentary triumph instantly shriveled into a Biggest Hypocrite trophy.

Johnson’s district would be a toss-up in most years. However, as Democrats sink into quicksand from coast to coast, his race should be a Republican pick-up in November.

To forestall such a painful loss, Democrats seem to be running an ersatzRepublican in hopes of keeping the GOP nod from Johnson, a legitimate conservative.

The fake Republican is Jenna Waltho, 38. She lives with her parents and is an assistant manager at a retail store in a casino mall.

Waltho previously was appointed to the county planning commission by Democrat Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, where she voted reliably with other Leftists. According to Nevada GOP records, Waltho never had registered as a Republican until late-summer 2021.

Before Waltho sanitized them, her social-media accounts found her posing for photos with Democrat state lawmakers, championing far-Left causes, vacationing with a porn actress named “Dandy Lil Dixie,” and championing mask mandates. She recently embraced a business-tax increase.

Waltho’s latest campaign-expense report shows that she received twice as many donations from Democrats and independents as Republicans. It also reveals that Waltho pays a company called Alchemy. Its owner, Ronni Council, previously served as Joe Biden’s Nevada director and was an advisor to Hillary Clinton.

“She’s a spoiler,” Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald said of Waltho. “She’s in to try to make sure that Justin Jones [the Democratic incumbent] gets reelected. She registered as a Republican like a week ago.”

McDonald added: “If you look at the breadcrumbs, it shows she’s not a Republican.”

As if Democrats’ fake-Republican stalking-horse scheme were insufficiently devious, they also are trying to rig the election system.

The Clark County Election Certification Board is required to include one Republican representative. Rather than let the state or local GOP select its own delegate, the county’s liberal Registrar of Voters hand-picked that Republican.

No surprise, Registrar Joe Gloria tapped the biggest squish in town – and one with a direct conflict of interest in Johnson’s race. This “Republican” is Lisa Mayo DeRiso, a campaign consultant advising Waltho.

Beyond this obvious conflict in Johnson’s race, RINO DeRiso is working for the campaigns of at least two Democrats, according to a complaint to the Nevada Secretary of State protesting DeRiso’s appointment. Since she often earns “win bonuses” when her candidates succeed, she has a glaring financial interest in ensuring that her clients prevail at the polls.

Given DeRiso’s clear conflicts, personal prejudices, financial ties to Democrat candidates, and flimsy claim to being a Republican, she is a pathetic excuse as the GOP’s last line of defense in ensuring a fair election.

The Nevada GOP blasted DeRiso’s selection to the Board. Chairman McDonald denounced the decision as an example of Clark County’s ballot bureaucrats trying to “stack the deck against Republicans in this election.”

Will DeRiso use her vote on the Clark County Election Certification Boardto compromise ballot integrity? While that is unclear, this is certain: Republicans will not have someone trustworthy representing their electoral concerns.

Even if Nevada’s primary proceeds without a hitch on Tuesday, DeRiso’s appointment makes Republicans doubt that they are throwing dice on a flat craps table. Rather than ease Republican suspicions, the Clark County’s Registrar of Voters is propelling GOP paranoia.

Republicans have legitimate reasons to distrust Clark County election officials. This is the same jurisdiction where, in 2020, Republican County Commission candidate Stavros Anthony led by over 2,200 voteson Election Night. But after mail-in ballots were accepted until November 10 – a full week after Election Day – Democrat Ross Miller magically won a 10-vote landslide.

Unfortunately, Clark County is no outlier regarding Democrat lies, fraud, and theft to maintain their control over the American people. Democrat wickedness in this corner of Nevada may foreshadow what Americans should expect from Joe Biden’s allies as Election Day approaches.

If Democrats will perpetrate such hijinks to hold a Clark County Commission seat, imagine what more they might perpetrate to keep Steve Sisolak in the Governor’s Mansion and Catherine Cortez Masto in the U.S. Senate.

Yes, the Republican Tsunami builds, but will what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor.