Lie of the Year

LAS VEGAS – Everyone remembers what Politifact deemed the “Lie of the Year” in 2013:

“If you like your health plan, you can keep it.” –President Barack Obama

Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats in the legislature are giving that lie a run for its money.

“My first reaction was to cry,” Zuleika Parra, a parent to a student currently on an Opportunity Scholarship, told a local radio program and reported by the Nevada Independent. “How do you explain to a child that you don’t have the money to pay for the school that he wants?”

Parra, a Las Vegas mother, is facing what other parents are dealing with after the Nevada Legislature gutted the Opportunity Scholarships program earlier this year.

The program allowed mainly low-income and minority students the opportunity to attend private school. Nevada Democrats falsely claimed that they would protect the students currently enrolled in the program while dismantling it for future students.

Instead, parents like Zuleika Parra are now scrambling to find a way to keep their kids in their schools as the money.

“If you like your scholarship, you can keep it.” –2019 Lie of the Year nominee from Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats 

“Nevada Democrats ruthlessly attacked children’s education during the 2019 legislative session,” said Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Will Sexauer. “The Democrats’ cruel and heartless policy have left some of our most vulnerable children questioning whether they will be able to go back to the schools they know and love. Yet again they have been caught playing politics with Nevada children’s futures.”