Legislative Update- Nevada Republicans Score Huge Victory!

Early Friday morning, after 2am, Republicans in the Nevada Senate held tight, all of them, together, to refuse to give the Democrats the 2/3 vote needed to make devastating changes to Nevada taxes for the mining industry. Assembly Bill 4 (AB4) passed the Assembly by the needed 2/3 with all Republicans in the Assembly holding firmly against.
AB4 would have made mining companies pay taxes a year in advance while also removing some deductions that would effectively double the net taxes on them; a crippling impact on small and medium Nevada mining companies. They pushed this crippling tax without the Teacher’s Union giving back anything. Remember when Governor Sisolak and others on the Left say, “we’re all in this together,” that we know better.
Please thank all Senate and Assembly Republicans for voting NO on AB4, and holding the line to honor our 2020 Nevada Republican Platform [1].
The Legislature is not meeting Friday but will be in session Saturday.
We must let them know we support them and look for them to continue enforcing the Nevada Republican Platform so the Free Market is unleashed to rebuild our Nevada Economy instead of the Democrat’s destructive Leftist central planning economic model.
Senate Republicans:
Assembly Republicans:
Mining is critical to the economy in the rural counties. It is critical to the economy of our state. It is one of the diversified industries that we need in Nevada, one which goes up when the economy goes down. Mining employs nearly 30,000 Nevadans and pays $2.4 billion in wages which are spent in our state generating more taxes.
We, your Nevada Republican Party, ask you to share this message with your friends and family. We must capture the Nevada Senate majority in the November election to block further abusive taxes and fees, as well as Governor Sisolak’s Leftist anti-gun, anti-freedom, anti-Nevadan agenda.
To do list:
1 – Email a one sentence thank you to all Nevada Republicans above. Your own words mean a lot to them! Let them know you are cheering them on, engaged, and looking for them to keep enforcing the Nevada Republican Platform
2 – Forward this alert to your fellow Nevadans. Our Nevada Republican Party is making things happen but we need your help to make sure more people hear about it
3 – Please consider a donation to keep growing our efforts. You can donate here.
End notes:
[1]. Applicable 2020 Nevada Republican Platform Planks
We support the mining industry. We strongly oppose any laws, regulations, ordinances, or other legally binding actions that diminish the ability of the mining industry to discover and/or access minerals and mine them. We support the streamlining the permitting and application processes.
We support those in public office who actively support and work toward lower taxes and fees, and seek to reduce the size, cost, and scope of government at all levels. We support President Trump’s efforts to cut taxes and reduce regulation. Government cannot tax the state or the residents into prosperity.
We oppose the imposition of the Gross Receipts Tax, Commerce Tax, and any other taxes on businesses that will ultimately drive employers away from our state.